Our target setting systems

At The Calder Learning Trust we set all students targets based on their attainment at Key Stage 2. The fact that these targets are aspirational is very important to the school as we aim for ‘everybody, everyday’ to be and do their very best and do better than the average their peers do nationally. Such targets are challenging, however we believe that with good teaching, hard work and the correct mindset they are achievable.

The table below shows the relationship between attainment at Key Stage 2 and projected attainment in GCSEs at the end of Key Stage 4.

table one

At Calder High, students are placed on one of 9 ‘routes’ linked to numerical GCSE grades. The route a student is assigned will indicate the ‘pathway’ of expected progress for that student throughout their secondary schooling. Students will never have their route lowered, however students may be moved up a route in subjects that they show a particular strength and aptitude for over a period of time.


How we track and report progress

All students at The Calder Learning Trust receive termly tracking information. The level of attainment assigned to a student is a holistic judgment based on wide range of factors including end of module assessments, ongoing classwork and class discussions. This level is used to calculate whether a student is working below, on or above the level suggested by their route and it is this that is reported.

Student effort is also recorded as part of the tracking process. Teacher judgment is used to assign a colour-coded grade relating to a student’s attitude to learning.

Finally, all tracking sheets will include a brief subject specific statement indicating how a student can make further progress in that subject.

Our reporting system works in conjunction with our ‘real time’ recording and reporting of rewards, sanctions and homework on Class Charts. As a result, some of this information is deliberately not contained within the termly tracking sheet emailed home.

All students will still receive a full report with their Form Tutor’s comment once a year.

table two