Emergency Evacuation Plan
Please find attached the revised copy of the Emergency Evacuation plan, specifically for incidents of flooding. This procedure will be in draft format until ratified at the Governors. It is important that Parents support the school by NOT phoning pupils and telling them to leave school, which has happened in the past. It is important for us to follow the safeguarding procedure and be able to account to every pupil and ensure their safety. Thank you for your support.


Adverse Weather Conditions
If we have snowfall overnight and the school has to close the information will be broadcast on Radio Leeds (92.4FM & 774MW & Digital Radio) and on Pulse Radio. Information will also be posted on the home page of this site. We ask that you do not ring school for information as the telephone lines rapidly become jammed.

If snowfall causes an early closure in the day we will liaise with the bus companies and attempt to get all students onto their usual bus but at an earlier time. Again details will be broadcast on the local radio stations. If you live in one of the outlying areas and wish to pick up a student early, do feel able to do so. Please report to reception and we will arrange for your daughter or son to come from class.

Please note that we expect all students to have made arrangements for early closure. This might mean going to a friend’s or a relative’s house in the local area until they can be picked up. It should not include remaining in school hoping for an improvement in conditions.



alert  Please note: in case of the need for an emergency school closure, announcements will appear first on the Calderdale website.