Free school meal vouchers

The Wonde FSM voucher system continues to add additional functionality to help both schools and our team manage the orders for over 200,000 students and their families.

The Wonde platform is now fully functional to supply vouchers from all supermarkets available, along with an efficient process which allows us to load these into our system and automatically distribute them to parents.

When do daily orders go out to parents?

We have a 12pm cut off daily to run a report to create the voucher order which covers the last 24 hours. All orders that have cleared payment, and where parents have selected their supermarket choice, will receive their voucher within the following timescales:

  • Tesco (same day)
  • Morrisons (same day)
  • ASDA (same day or the following morning)
  • Sainsburys (the following afternoon)

These timescales are due to the way in which the supermarkets generate the vouchers which are then imported into our system. Each voucher has to be created individually as schools wish to choose their own denominations (and rightly so).

Common queries coming in from parents

They haven’t got internet on my mobile and therefore unable to view the voucher.
Response: They can forward it to someone who has and they can help them redeem the voucher.

The voucher doesn’t work on the supermarket's website.
Response: Unfortunately, at the moment, vouchers are only able to be used in-store although there’s a possibility this will change in due course.

We’ll be putting together a parent guide shortly which you can also share with parents, but don’t forget about the help articles for schools.


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