Class Charts

We have recently invested in an additional new program called Class Charts to run as a replacement for My Ed application from November 2018 – a letter has been issued to all parents via students/e-mail with your log in details and further information.

Class Charts is a user-friendly online system which allows us to effectively monitor and report on homework, upload resources, merits, consequences and detentions, as well as create seating plans used by teachers to maximise learning potential in the classroom. The programme has many advantages, both for teachers and also for parents and pupils; the biggest advantage for parents is that you can download an app on your phone or tablet which gives you live data and information on your child. It is also much better at helping us communicate with you. For pupils, there is a live rewards system which will eventually enable them to choose prizes online once they reach credit milestones. If you have more than one child at Calder High School you can use the plus sign in the top right hand corner with the additional access codes you have received. Please note that we will continue to use the e-mail system to record and track pupils’ academic progress and issue reports.

We strongly believe that both these systems will provide staff, parents and students with a much better experience however we are mindful that these changes come soon after the introduction of MyEd. We are currently reviewing the online systems that we use as a school with a view to streamlining our services in the future and in the meantime thank you for your patience and support.

Please find below some links to help files on how to use the ClassCharts application along with a video to aid you with ClassCharts:

How to login:
Go to and click login, then follow the instructions below:

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