Financial Help

Financial Help (Free School Meals l 16-19 Bursary Fund l Hardship Fund l Travel Passes)

Financial Assistance 2014/15
Students at Calder High School can take advantage of the following financial assistance schemes:

Free School Meals
What is it?
This is an allowance of £1.85 per day for students to spend on a meal in the Diner. It can be used on any items of food or drink but will always cover the cost of a main meal plus pudding.

How do I apply?
Families apply through Calderdale Council:

Calder High School does not have any involvement in decisions regarding free school meal eligibility.

How do students receive this?
The School is informed of your child’s eligibility and the free school meal (FSM) allowance is loaded onto your child’s Cashless Catering (allpay) account as a cash credit. They can then select and pay for food in the usual way.

Can my child spend more than £1.85 per day?
Yes, but parents will need to add funds to their child's account to cover this.

What happens if my child does not spend £1.85 per day?
Unspent allowances do not roll over into the next day.



16-19 Bursary Fund (Calder VI)

What is it?
This is a fund for students aged 16-19 to assist them with the cost of further education.
Please find more information here: Calder VI - Bursary Fund



Hardship Fund

What is it?
This is support from the school for students who are struggling financially to cover the cost of curriculum trips, uniform and some equipment. Free school meal children can benefit from this fund but we ask all families who are experiencing financial difficulty with paying for curriculum trips, uniform and equipment to come and talk to us and we can help towards the cost.

How do I apply?
Speak to your child’s Year Achievement Leader, 2014/15 Year Achievement Leaders are:

7. Mr Ainley
8. Mr Dobson
9. Miss Hindle
10. Mrs Kaye
11. Mr Webb
12. Mrs Johnson
13. Mrs Johnson

How do students receive this?
It depends on the nature of the support, if the support is for school organised/purchased activities or equipment the school will arrange for the total cost to be subsidised. If it for externally purchased equipment we will arrange to reimburse families or make the purchase on their behalf.



Travel Passes

What is it?
Some students will be eligible to receive assistance with cost of the journey to and from school.

How do I apply?
Each application is assessed by Calderdale Council using criteria advertised on the website.
(Re-order application form for free home to school transport)

How do students receive this?
In the majority of cases this will be in the form of a Travel Pass issued to the student.