Curriculum Plans

Please click on a link below to find out what your child's class will be learning about in each subject area this year. 

The curriculum is carefully planned to ensure coverage of all the objectives for each year group during their time in each mixed-age class.

Please also see our curriculum progression page for more information on the key skills for each year group.

In September 2020 we created a separate class for Reception pupils, which gave the opportunity for further development of the Long Term Plans for Reception and Class 1 (Year 1&2). This will be reviewed through joint working in EYFS and KS1 before finalising the 2021-2022 plans. 

Due to current COVID restrictions, some areas of the LTP have been adapted for Autumn Term 1: Computing has been replaced with Computing skills and key knowledge as we do not have access to our computer room. We have also purchased new Chromebooks to enhance this and PTA are funding additional resourcing of Beebots and Robots. PE has some limitations as we are not able to share spaces with Calder High at present and some equipment cannot be used. Lessons have been adapted and we have some new inter and intra school challenges as part of HX7 sports and Calderdale School Games to take part in too. 

We have a COVID Curriculum Recovery Plan in place from September 2020 to support pupils in accessing the full curriculum and to catch up and fill any gaps in learning from school closures.

Please see our 'Foundation Subjects' page for our curriculum skills documents.