Anne-Marie Gallacher, Attendance and Family Liaison Officer
As Attendance and Family Liaison Officer at The Calder Learning Trust, I work alongside parents and key school staff to promote excellent attendance, reduce levels of absence and support students in achieving to their full potential. I work alongside families to promote high levels of attendance and I aim to promote the positive attendance and punctuality culture at The Calder Learning Trust, celebrating successes and working with families to overcome any barriers to attendance.

Should you have any queries or worries regarding your child’s attendance, please do not hesitate to contact me on the school number or arrange to come into school to meet me.


Attendance Information
Good attendance at school is directly linked to improved exam performance, increased confidence, improved wellbeing and stronger social connections; all of which should in turn lead to further learning opportunities and a brighter future.


We will be sending a regular communication to you on your child’s attendance.

We appreciate parents’ support in keeping their child’s attendance as high as possible; if you are experiencing particular problems with attendance, please speak to your child’s form tutor in the first instance.


Attendance & Achievement
In our most recent results August 2023, 83% of our students with 95% attendance and over achieved at least a grade 4 in both Maths and English. In comparison, just 35.6% of students with 90% or less achieved the at least a grade 4 in both Maths and English.


To support parents with attendance we have added an Attendance section to our school website. This includes useful links to support parents; information on how attendance is recorded; contact details for in-school support with attendance etc…


DFE useful links

Working together to improve school attendance guidance - which sets out expectations for schools, trusts and local authorities

Guidance for parents - on how to seek support with attendance challenges

‘Is my chid too ill for school?’ guidance - from the NHS to aid parents in making judgements about mild illness


How Attendance is Calculated
As a guide; each day, which is made up of 2 sessions (AM and PM), equates to around 0.5% of the year overall. Therefore, if a student is absent for one day during the school year, they will have a maximum attendance of 99% at the end of the year.

Punctuality Information
Punctuality to school and lessons is vitally important and Calder Learning Trust monitors this closely. Being on time is not only an essential life skill, but future colleges, 6th forms and employers take punctuality into account as part of their admissions process and poor time keeping may adversely affect potential acceptance onto courses and employment.

If they are late twice in 1 week, they will receive a detention.
If your child is persistently late the ‘unauthorised’ code will be used. Parents will be notified by letter and if your child’s punctuality does not improve, fines or court action may be issued.

Holidays in Term Time
Calder Learning Trust follows Government Guidelines and does not authorise any holidays taken in term time. Where there are extreme or serious extenuating circumstances permission must be sought in writing from the Headteacher.

For a copy of the Exceptional Circumstances Request Form Click Here.

Attendance Awards
The academic and social rewards of attending school regularly are astronomical, but as an added incentive, we also run regular prize draws, competitions and end of term rewards for students who attend well.