Term Dates

Term Dates: 2022/23

Autumn Term 2022

5th September: Staff Training Day
6th September: Staff Training Day
7th September: Calder Primary pupils, Yr7 and Yr11 students start at 8.30am
8th September: Students in Years 8 & 10 start at 8.30am. Yr7 and Yr11 - Day 2
9th September: Year 9 Start at 8.30am - & all other students in school

School closes: 21st October
School re-opens: 31st October
Training day: 25th November
Term finishes: 16th December

Spring Term 2023

Term starts: 3rd January
School closes: 10th February
School re-opens: 20th February
Term finishes: 31st March

Summer Term 2023

Term starts: 17th April
May Day: 1st May
School closes: 26th May
School re-opens: 5th June
Term finishes: 21st July
Training day: 24th July
Training day: 25th July


Term Dates: 2023/24

Autumn Term 2023

4th September: Staff Training Day
5th September: Staff Training Day
6th September: School opens
27th October: School closes half term

6th November: School opens
24th November: Staff Training Day
21st December: School closes end of term
22nd December: Staff Training Day

Spring Term 2024

8th January: School opens
9th February: School closes half term

19th February: School opens
22nd March: School closes end of term

Summer Term 2024

8th April: School opens
6th May: School closed: May day
24th May: School closes half term

3rd June: School opens
21st July: School closes end of term
22nd July: Staff Training Day