The National Curriculum for Mathematics is implemented throughout the school through daily maths sessions. The curriculum aims to ensure children can have quick recall of facts, can reason mathematically and solve problems.

The maths curriculum is organised in a progressive sequence and follows the White Rose Maths Scheme from Reception to Year 6, enhanced by Test Base and Classroom Secrets to ensure all children including the most able are supported and challenged. Pupils are encouraged to make links and connections across the mathematics curriculum, as well as applying it to everyday life and other curriculum areas. This enables the children to become competent and confident mathematicians. Our Maths Leader, Miss Smith, works closely with the White Rose Maths Hub and our local cluster of schools to continue to develop mixed-age planning and assessment and to enhance learning opportunities and deepen understanding for our pupils.  White Rose Maths was continued throughout 2020 COVID school closures, ensuring continuity of curriculum for our pupils. 

Pupils in Reception have a maths rich environment, with hands on opportunities to explore maths in areas such as role play, outdoors and sand and water as well as through songs, games and challenges. 

From Year 1 onwards, pupils work to deepen their understanding, confidence and competence in maths . The White Rose Maths mantra is simply 'Everyone can do maths : Everyone Can!' We aim to ensure all pupils are happy and resilient mathematicians who relish the challenge of maths and become independent, reflective thinkers, whose skills not only liberate them in maths but also support them across the curriculum.

Each year pupils in Class 3 take part in the Primary Maths Challenge, completing a series of puzzling questions and competing against pupils from across the country. 

Pupils across school work as house groups to make items to sell at our Christmas fair, calculating profit and decided together how best to spend the money in school.  They also have annual financial literacy sessions organised by Yorkshire Building Society, where they learn about the value of money, profit and loss, savings and budgeting.